This is your Instagram Live Checklist! All you must do!

It is known that Instagram is improving the functionality of all its tools, especially for businesses and content creators. You may not know but the algorithm is activated much more as you use the different tools constantly, such as Live.

Instagram Live is a very feared tool since it is not easy for everyone to face the camera. There are many insecurities especially because of the fear that no one will see you. And well, if you are starting in this digital world, chances are that nobody will see you, I will not lie, it is perseverance that will allow that to change in the future and to achieve it, I want to present you with some important steps to face an Instagram Live below:


Verify that your phone has space since you have the option to save that live and give it other uses, like a youtube video, or create short clips of that video to post to reels.

You can be invited to a live or you can invite.

Before the Live

1. What is your topic, be clear and write down the main points so that you do not forget them. What is the purpose of the live: Launch, questions and answers, tips.

2. You must promote that live at least 2 days before and in your stories add the countdown sticker. Invite people to save that countdown, so they will receive a notification when the live is up.

3. Prepare a cover photo, which is already prepared, so that it is branded and looks professional.

During the live

4. At the start of the lives, you can add the name of the live, which will guide people to the title of the live. Remember that this will be the name for when you record it on IGTV, to be seen during the live, you must put it as a comment and leave it fixed, that way you always see and people understand the context.

5. Invite your audience to share the live,  give it a heart, and to comment, we cannot assume that people will do it, we must constantly motivate them.

6. You can make a presentation, this means that you can upload images that will be seen large and you will see yourself small and you can go to presenting. All this must be previously done and ready on your cell phone, to upload them quickly.

7. Finally, invite people to leave the questions as a Q&A sign, so you can show the questions and answer them. It is important to please the audience.

8. Be repetitive, you must always contextualize, greet people. That throughout the live.

At the end of the transmission

9. At the end of the live, do not close the application quickly, since Instagram gives you the option to save the live as an IGTV. To do it well, you must have the cover photo ready that you did previously, you already put the title at the beginning and you have the option to put a description, that text have it ready in your notes, so you will publish the IGTV as it should be!

This checklist will help you feel more secure and calm during the transmission, since this is essential for the success of your lives.

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