How to create an EFFECTIVE Social Media Strategy

Looking to build a powerful social media marketing strategy for 2021?

Well, there’s no better time to do so than now and luckily, we’ve got you covered!

But before we begin, what exactly is a social media “strategy”? A social media strategy for your business is basically a roadmap or plan with the steps you need to take to achieve your social media goals.

Now than we have that out of the way, let’s focus on 3 steps you need to take to build an effective social media strategy:

Tip #1: Create SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely) goals: Your social media goals must be SMART. Spend time figuring out what it is you want to achieve on social media. Is it to build engagement? Awareness? Is it to convert? Once you have that figured out, ensure that all the goals that are created follow the SMART format.

Tip #2: Pay keen attention to your own behavior: We all consume and engage with content daily. We may see content that is funny, and we hit share, there may be something that is insightful, and we may leave a comment. There is so much value in understanding our own behaviors on social media; let’s ask ourselves next time, what made me engage with this content? We can use these very same answers to implement in our own social media plan by helping us understand the customer journey, which can ultimately help us in our own content creation.

Tip #3: Experiment with your Content Formatting: There are numerous types of content that you can create. Take Instagram for example, there are stories, Live, Feed, IGTV, IG Reels. Start experimenting with the ways that you post content and see how your audience responds. Experiment with the frequency of posts as well to see what works best for your audience. Stop doing what you think you should be doing and change things up a bit, you’d be surprised how your audience may respond to this change.

There’s no doubt that a social media strategy can seem daunting but hopefully these tips have helped to get you thinking. Stay tuned for part 2!

Until then, let’s win together,

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