Who We Are

An exceptionally unique experience tailored to you

A Trusted Social Media Ad Company In Canada for website design and development creating a digital presence 4 U in the GTA.


We are four strong, fierce, passionate women all from different backgrounds who came together to form Social Media 4 U. As Full Service Social Media Agency in Toronto; we specialize in full-service digital marketing with a focus on website design/development, social media marketing, content creation and leads generation. We are committed to providing social media marketing for small businesses while winning together. Perhaps, we as Social Media Marketing Consultant In Toronto are a little biased, but we may be the best social media agency.

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meet our expert team

Our team is made up of skilled digital marketing specialists, designers, and developers that have a impressive track record of delivering projects on time and within your budget.
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Maria Morales

Marketing & Sales Specialist
15 years of experience understanding the clients’ requirements and meeting their expectations while maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship.

Natalia Munoz

Journalist & Digital Marketing Specialist
10 years of experience in content creation and strategy for different kinds of businesses. Innovative, visionary, lover of writing and visuals. A digital and traditional hybrid, in love with structure and organization.

Shadai Miller

Social Media & Marketing Strategist
With over 4 years of experience in social media management, she helps brands understand their target and communicate their brand stories while building effective brand strategies.

Farihan Hamdan

Web Developer & Designer
More than 12 years of experience in website development, building custom and UX websites that will help your business stand out and guide your new project in the right direction.

We will help you achieve your goals and grow your business

We pride ourselves on accountability, transparency, and authenticity. With our affordable social media management, you can rest assured that you are in the right hands.

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We Create Digital.We Create 4 U.

If your business needs to be found easily over the internet, you are looking to maximize your current audience and create a more tailored language to approach them, SOCIAL MEDIA 4 U, a Professional Social Media Management Company, can help. If you want to create content that generates long-term engagement and allows you to conquer new audiences as you grow, SOCIAL MEDIA 4 U is the right.

We Evaluate

First, we evaluate what it is that you have on your website and/or social media in terms of content, design and organization. With that evaluation we provide our specific recommendations and a list of actionable steps that you need to take.

We Recommend

After we evaluate, we make our list of recommendations, based on our experience in the digital world. We make our recommendations based on your unique needs so that you can achieve your desired results

We Take Action

With the list of recommendations, together as a team, we execute your improvements, exceeding your expectations and taking your brand to the next digital level.


What do we do

We at Social Media 4 U like to describe our services as personalizing because in Social Media there is not just one rule: every account, every business, every platform is different, and it changes every day. We take the time to understand our client’s needs and then research their specific audience, and that is so unique. We create a specific strategy and plan for each client.

Based on that strategy we create a plan with particular actions that will help you reach your goals. Digital presence doesn’t mean just posting nice pictures or having a functional website, it is about building a community and gaining the trust of your audience to reach your final goal, that is, to make them not just a digital audience or follower but customers.

We make sure that all the different platform strategies have the consistency needed to achieve your goals.

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